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November 16 2014

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Maybe it doesn't really match this soup but for my friend it was one of her happy days and she was able to record her song and video and it would be my happy day if I could share this song with all of you :)
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November 02 2014

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I'm sick, but my friend bought me chocolate and that's only one good thing today. 
Tags: 100happydays

October 31 2014

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Day 73
Project for my polish lessons. 
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October 30 2014

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Day 72
Sweet ;)
Tags: 100happydays

October 29 2014

I wasn't updating because i had one of the shittiest day ever, but everything went good, so I'm really happy now, so:

Day 67
My cat was sick and didn't die, score!
day 68
Boyfriend helped me go through rough time.
Day 69 <hehe>
A small trip with my class, KFC, and beautiful churches.
Day 70
Day 71
I've spend some time with a friend that I wasn't talking to since August.

October 28 2014

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Day 69
Oh, Google, pamiętałeś!

October 24 2014

Day 66
Good grade from german.
Perfect start of weekend.
Purple camels, nothing special, but i like it. 
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day 65
Playing with kitten, bubbles, drawing. 
Tags: 100happydays

October 22 2014

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Warm blanket & tea.
Tags: 100happydays
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October 21 2014

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Day 63 
Music, training, good time with friend.
Tags: 100happydays
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October 20 2014

Day 62
A school trip to Germany, it was awesome and i'm so tired now!
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October 19 2014

Day 61

Boyfriend, friend, lazy day and being high.
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Day 60
Cold day, warm socks. 
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October 18 2014

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Day 59
Twin Peaks
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October 16 2014

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I was vacuuming a freaking balcony xD #100happydays
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Day 57
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October 14 2014

Day 56

I've spent whole day with my boyfriend, lazy and nice day.

October 13 2014

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Day 55
Movie with friends
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October 12 2014

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Day 54
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October 11 2014

Awesome day! Boyfriend, I cleaned the house, my best friend came to hang out, lovely.
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